Dig Defence Animal Control (DDAC)

Dig Defence Animal Control (DDAC)

From Airports to Zoos and Decks to Buildings, DDAC is how Wildlife and Pest Control is done.


The Ease Of Installation
The ease of installation results in big profit margins. Extend fence protection in a timely manner, each DDAC unit provides 4 feet of protection. 48″ in length and 15″ in depth with 1.5″ spike spacing

Innovative Design
The simple innovative design solves multiple problems simultaneously. No digging, pouring concrete, or placing unsightly deterrents. Simple, Safe, Effective. 

Lots Of Marketable Uses
Dig Defence has no comparable equal and has become a solution for many issues – from pets, pests, and predators to zoos, airports, and residential.

Dig Defence Animal Control (DDAC)

Dig Defence Animal Control (DDAC)

The Large Installation Tool is helpful with any large scale job. Use in conjunction with a post driver to increase the speed of installation.

DDAC Installation Tool

Dig Defence can also be used to secure large areas such as, but not limited to: airport runway fencing, electrical substations, zoos, ranches, and is currently the only product on the market that stops extreme erosion.

Minimal Investment
Instantly offer your customers more choices, including a one-time permanent fix. This efficient patent protected product will give your business an opportunity to expand by solving time consuming problems in seconds.

Below Ground Barrier
This product creates an underground barrier that shields and secures structures/foundations against escaping pets and invading wildlife pests. Extend the protection of any fence with Dig Defence.