Pest Layout

Pest Layout
Keep Pests Out with Dig Defence

If pests are wreaking havoc on your yard, home, or garden, keep them out with the fast, easy, safe solution – Dig Defence.

Pest Control That Works

Protect your space against pests, varmints, and other nuisance animals quickly and affordably. For critters that burrow, dig, and tunnel, you will stop them in their tracks with our easy-to-install digging barriers.
Dig Defence products are patented drive-in ground fence panels made in the USA of welded strong 4-gauge steel rods that come in a variety of sizes to meet your pest control needs.

Safe, Effective Protection

While other solutions may exist for pest control, such as trapping or poison, they are not ideal. Pets and children can ingest them or become entangled. For an easy, safe, effective solution to keeping pests out of your yard or garden, Dig Defence is ideal. It’s easy to install and prevents critters from digging into your space without causing harm.

Varmint Control

Dig Defence is easily installed around fences, porches, and decks to keep out pests such as armadillos, skunks, porcupines, foxes, groundhogs, gophers, raccoons, opossums, and rabbits. Simply hammer the digging barriers into the ground to keep pets in and pests out. If raccoons are making a home under your porch, simply place Dig Defence along the perimeter to keep them out. Or stop critters from devouring your garden by protecting your precious plants. Defend your pets from intruders by preventing varmints from digging under your fence.

Long-Term Solution

While it takes only minutes to install Dig Defence, they are meant to last. Our products have a limited 20-year warranty against corrosion and material defects.

How to Use Dig Defence for Pest Control

Install the barriers at a slight angle, toward the intruders. The Humane Society recommends placing fence barriers at an angle, and Dig Defence is the easiest solution to install in this way – no digging trenches or pouring concrete. Just hammer them into the ground at an angle. Follow the recommendations of the Humane Society for controlling digging animals, by creating a fence and not a trap.
You can protect your pets from predators, protect your garden from munchers, and protect your yard from tunnelers in just minutes.

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